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French Institute of Pondicherry - Herbarium
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Accession number 10484
Collection number HIFP PhG
APG3 Family Oxalidaceae
Family Oxalidaceae
Taxon name Biophytum sensitivum DC.
Synonymes Oxalis sensitiva L.
Vernacular names Hara matchchaka (Kannada), Horamuni (Kannada), Jalapushpam (Kannada), Jalapushpamu (Telugu), Lajjaluba (Kannada), Mukkootti (Malayalam), Mukkutti (Tamil), Mukkutti (Malayalam), Pulicenta (Telugu), Teentanazhi (Tamil), Theendanazhi (Malayalam), Theendavadi (Malayalam), Thindavadi (Tamil), Thintanazhi (Malayalam), Tintanali (Tamil)
Collecteurs Guinet, Ph.
Date of collection 1960-11-20
Country India
Administrative subdivision Pondicherry (Union territory)
Forest subdivision -
Location -
Geographical coordinates -
Altitude SRTM30 -
Determiners Guinet, Ph.
Date of determination 1960-11-20
Number of sheets 1
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