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Accession number 04544
Collection number BSI(sc) 86222
APG3 Family Clusiaceae
Family Clusiaceae
Taxon name Calophyllum inophyllum L.
Vernacular names Gadhavunate (Kannada), Honne (Kannada), Hoo honne (Kannada), Kal honne (Kannada), Namare (Telugu), Nameru (Kannada), Pine (Malayalam), Pinna (Malayalam), Pinnai (Tamil), Ponna (Malayalam), Ponnaginjalu (Telugu), Ponnakam (Malayalam), Ponnavittulu (Telugu), Poona (Telugu), Punaga chettu (Telugu), Punna (Malayalam), Punna (Telugu), Punnagam (Tamil), Punnai (Tamil), Sura honne (Kannada), Sura ponna (Telugu), Surabunnagam (Tamil), Surabunnai (Tamil), Suragi (Kannada), Suram punna (Malayalam), Surapunnagamu (Telugu), Valai (Tamil), Vuma (Kannada), Wundy (Kannada)
Collecteurs Rajan, R.
Date of collection 1987-07-10
Country India
Administrative subdivision Pondicherry (Union territory)
Forest subdivision -
Location -
Geographical coordinates -
Altitude SRTM30 -
Determiners Rajan, R.
Date of determination 1987-07-10
Number of sheets 1
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